The Mussolini – variation on a White Russian

After being served this amazing deconstructed white russian by Brynn Smith from Soto in LA, I was inspired to try and make one at home myself. Rather than simply mixing coffee liquor, vodka and cream Brynn Hand shook a creamy foam in a cocktail shaker to top the drink off. I thought it would be so amazing with my coffee infused cynar rather than another coffee liquor. It brings the white russian to a whole new level. If you follow the link to Brynn’s version you will see mine is not as pretty as hers!



The Mussolini

1 1/2 oz Vodka

1 oz Coffee infused Cynar

1 oz heavy cream

Mix vodka and Coffee Cynar and strain into a coup

Combine cream and ice into cocktail shaker and shake rigorously for 1-3 mins until you don’t hear the ice anymore, strain over drink to get a nice foam topping.


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