Collingwood Old Fashioned – The best Old Fashioned you’ll ever have

Thanks to one of my favorite mixologists and people, Evelyn Chick, I have had what I feel is the best Old Fashioned ever, dubbed The Crane Project for the amount of times I drank them during my time in Vancouver. Unless you live in Canada, or smuggle bottles of the stuff back with you, as I do, you might be missing out on one of the greatest combinations for a simple old fashioned. Collingwood is a Maplewood aged canadian whisky and it is now one of my favorites! It is shares much more similarities to American Bourbon than it does typical canadian rye whiskeys.

The Crane project – Collingwood whisky, Fee Bros Whiskey Barrel aged bitters and burnt orange peel

319630_10152299128780246_1569192190_n 552927_10151542940410246_1422351392_n

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