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The Turn Page Challenge (#turnpagechallenge) – A social media cocktail experiment

Here is an up and coming project for you fellow cocktail enthusiasts out there!

This past Saturday I was in the mood to experiment and try out some new cocktails, but I had no clue what to make. I decided to just turn to a random page in a cocktail book and make whatever I turned to, and I came upon the Queen’s Park Swizzle. I posted the resulting cocktail to Instagram (as I do with most of my creations). The post began to get some attention… soon after an Instagram member that I follow, liquid_culture, caught the post and decided to respond with his own post from a random page in a cocktail book.  Together we tried to spread this idea on Instagram and I came up with the tag #turnpagechallenge, soon after other users such as chrissinflair joined in. Our hopes is to keep this trend spreading and get as many other cocktail enthusiasts out there as we can to get involved, turn to random pages and make their own cocktails, posting the results and tagging them #turnpagechallenge so we can keep a collection of the results.

We encourage all cocktail makers, enthusiasts and home bar fanatics out there to join in on the project and spread the word with your friends. Post your results to your social media of choice, Instagram is preferred, or twitter or your own blog. Tag your results #turnpagechallenge

Happy random cocktail making!

-The Drunken Crane

Please also follow the Liquid Culture Project and read his take on this experience here.

Check here for a good resource for classic cocktail books : Home Bar Basics

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