Getting crazy with Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter

Bourbon Cookies and Milk PunchYou’re probably wondering where The Drunken Crane has been. Sorry folks, life got busy and although I was making plenty of cocktails at home I just didn’t have time to keep up with the blog. You’re about to see a whole lot of updates!

I was absolutely obsessed with Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter for a while! If you’ve had it before you know how addicting it can be. I wanted to eat it with everything… so naturally I thought why not put it in a cocktail!

Another favorite cocktail of mine is Bourbon Milk Punch, as I am a sucker for most Bourbon based drinks. I thought that this would be a great base for making something with the cookie butter… well because who doesn’t have fond childhood memories of cookies and milk! This was quite the rich treat!

Bourbon Cookies and Milk Punch Cocktail

2 oz Vanilla infused Bourbon

1/2 oz Coffee infused Cynar

1 Bar Spoonful of Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter

1/2 oz Maple Syrup

3oz of Almond Milk

Muddle the cookie butter in well with the alcohol. Add ice. Add maple syrup and Almond Milk. Shake Vigorously for a good minute. Strain and dash a little cinnamon on top.


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