The Library Bar @ Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel



The Library Bar at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel has quickly become one of my favorite bar’s in Los Angeles. This is primarily due to one man: Matthew Biancaniello. You won’t find a cocktail menu at The Library Bar. Sure, Matt has some go to favorites up his sleeve, but it is all about the personal experience here. They ask you what you like and tailor the cocktails to your tastes, using the multitude of Farmer’s Market fresh ingredients  strewn across the bar.

Matt simply is a genius at work. He visits the Farmer’s Market 3-4 times a week, making sure the bar is always stocked with fresh produce, and getting inspiration from what is in season. You’ll get amazing drinks with everything from muddled wild arugula, curry leaves, leak flowers or white lavender to infusions made from mushrooms, chai tea or saffron.

Share with him your tastes and he won’t disappoint or let him surprise you with one of his fresh cocktails or ask him what new ideas he is cookin up… from Mushroom infused Bourbon made into a Egg Nog to his signature Last Tango in Modena made with Hendricks, 25yr age balsamic, fresh strawberries and topped with an amazing St. Germain foam… or my personal favorite: a Coconut Vanilla Chai infused Plymouth Gin Bee’s Knees! I’ve honestly had way too many amazing cocktails here to list them all and I think it is something you should go visit Matt, chat and experience for yourself. You’ll probably catch me there! I’m sure more photos and drinks from this establishment will be posted in the future or always being uploaded to Instagram where you can follow me: TheDrunkenCrane http://www.gramfeed.com/thedrunkencrane

“Matthew Biancaniello Is WORKING at the Library Bar tonight.” is the highlight of any day for sure when that Facebook status pops up on my screen.


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