Chai Tea infused Bee’s Knees

Furthering the explorations of cocktails I’ve had at the Library Bar, this time recreating the Bee’s Knees that Matt made for me one night using his Coconut Vanilla Chai infused Plymouth Gin.

The traditional Bee’s Knees cocktail consists of Gin, honey and lemon juice.

Both a friend and myself have been inspired by Matt’s infusions at the Library bar. This night my friend brought over an infusion he tried, trying to mimic Matt’s Coconut Vanilla Chai tea infused Gin. The natural thing to do was to make one of my favorite drinks I’ve had at the Library Bar, even if its one of the more simple ones, its just delicious. I gave a little twist of my own adding in some Velvet Falernum, a flavor I love that I thought would pair well with the Chai.

1 1/1 oz Chai tea Gin

1/2 Velvet Falernum

1oz Lemon juive

3/4 oz agave (rather than honey)

Combine ingredients over ice, shake, strain into a chilled coup.

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