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How bout dem apples…

I had just finished working on Snow White and The Huntsmen, revision after revision of this one shot where the bitten apple melts away in her hand, and lets just say I was inspired, or couldn’t get apples out of my head. I suppose its also sufficient to say as a born and raised Bostonian, we never really live down that famous line from Good Will Hunting. I had seen this idea before at a Bourbon Sour off held at Uva Wine Bar in Vancouver, with a sour made by Joel Virginillo of The Refinery (an amazing drinking establishment if you ever find yourself up north), where he pre-made caramel apples, froze them and used them as an ice cube in the cocktail. Pic of that inspiration here. I shared this idea with Matt over at Library as well and if you were lucky enough to stop by there on the night of the Peach Beer dinner, Matt used frozen peaches as ice element for a peach beer cocktail. (Kicking myself for not taking a picture of that! Thankfully the internet is an amazing place)

I’m starting out slow with this idea, but I think I have some great ideas on where to take it. I made a couple variations, but we are calling this An Old Fashioned Tale. A variation on and old fashioned, inspired by the good ole tale of Snow White. Make sure you find apples small enough to fit into an Old Fashioned glass! Freeze your apples overnight in preparation.

First variation

2 oz Bourbon

sugar cube


bitters (I did a couple dashes of Fee Brother’s Barrel aged bitters and Black Walnut Biters)

frozen apple

Typical old fashioned style, dash the bitters over the sugar cube, dash of cinnamon and muddle in your mixing glass. add ice to chill, add bourbon, stir and strain over your frozen apple in an old fashioned glass. Garnish with another dash of cinnamon on top.

Second Variation (less successful)

1 oz Bourbon

1oz Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash (its hard using this stuff, its quite thick and sweet)

1/4 agave


Miracle Mile Chocolate Chili bitters ( Love these!)

The Future of this cocktail. I am going to further playing with this. To tie more in with the apple theme I am thinking of using Laird’s Applejack and Cinnamon infused Bourbon.

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