The Drunken Crane Bitters get their first small public debut

Last weekend at Artisanal LA, along with the Rizzo & Crane booth, I bottled and released a small batch of 2oz bottles of my line of bitters. Two of the flavors have been blogged about here before and the third was my latest experiment, Sicilian Bitters, which were a huge hit and sold out! While I am developing the brand and flavors I will continue to bottle in the convenient 2oz size, offered at $10 each. A few select bottles have also been distributed to some local bartenders throughout the city, with more to come, currently with Beau Du Bois at The Corner Door, Cari Hah at Cole’s and Niko Novick of N2 Mixology. I will be making more batches over the next few weeks and any interested parties can reach me at

Check out this small write up from Caroline on Crack of my bitters from her finds at Artisanal LA :

IMG_3070 IMG_1245

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