Tea infusions

Teas make great infusions for spirits as you might recall from an earlier post for Thai tea infused gin. It is one of the easiest infusions that you can try at home to get started and to give an extra little something to your cocktails. You have to be very careful with tea infusions however, unlike other infusions that you let sit for days or weeks, you only want to let your tea infusions sit for an hour or two at the most otherwise your infusion will become very bitter. The photos feature a Crown Royal infused with Vanilla Rooibos tea and a Vanilla bean to enhance it a little, which tasted great, as well as a Pineapple Coconut with rose hips tea infused into gin.

311165_10152194856940246_121764544_n 59649_10152194842660246_248993852_n 397324_10152194834955246_1895002458_n

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