Thai tea infused Gin

Taking inspiration from the Chai tea infused Gin at Library bar, as well as an Earl Grey infusion I had in an Earl Grey Martini in Vancouver made by Evelyn Chick; I wanted to try my own tea infusion. I am a huge fan of Thai iced teas, and I have always wanted to try making a Thai Iced tea cocktail, what better way to do that than with a Thai tea infused Gin. I picked up this bottle of Damrak Gin, from BevMo, primarily because I thought that bottling as awesome and would look pretty cool once the finished infusion was back in the bottle. It ended up being a pretty nice Gin.

Add about 4 teaspoons of Tea into your infusion container then add Gin. Let sit for 2 hours. Since this is a tea infusion we only want to let it sit for a couple hours and NO longer, so that it wont get bitter. After it sat for a couple hours strain the tea from the gin and return the gin to its bottle.

The result was quite fabulous, as expected.

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