Cigar Infused Bourbon – a failed attempt to be tried again

Another Matthew Biancaniello suggestion… as with any good mentor, Matt doesn’t always tell you exactly what to do, how would one learn without the occasional experimentation and failure. I was given an idea, left to experiment on my own. I questioned weather to blog about my failed attempt or not, but that would be injustice to the process and a claim that I know all and make no mistakes, which I am nor do not. We create, sometimes we fail, to go on to create again. I went a little heavy handed with this idea, using 3 cigars, and letting it sit overnight. The result upon first sip, did have some merits, there was a nice smokiness that was added to the Bourbon, but it was very over bearing. There is some promise to this infusion, however the next time I think it will be tried with only 1 cigar and left to sit for maybe only an hour or two. Until then I think I’ll stick to rinsing a glass with a nice peaty scotch if I want to get that smoky flavor when making a drink with Bourbon.

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